Low-E Agricultural Insulation – EZY Seal (Copy)


Making the most of the internal space is of paramount importance when converting confined spaces such as shipping containers. Arguably the most important thing to do when converting a shipping container is to deal with the risk of interstitial condensation. Low-E Insulation reduces the risk of interstitial condensation while increasing thermal performance in less occupied space.

Low-E Insulation EZY Seal has a self-adhesive strip along one side of the roll to make joining rolls quick and simple. The self-adhesive EZY Seal edge can be used to overlap or seam join to another roll and ensures a strong bond.

“Mark was able to help us with the design and to adequately addressed the condensation risk. That was our biggest concern, but the Local Authority were very happy with what we were doing. The Low-E Insulation was extremely easy to install.”

– Matt P, Gloucestershire, UK



Only 5.5mm thick Low-E Insulation is our original reflective insulation product. With a Class A/Class 1 Fire Rating, Low-E stops heat, deadens sound and provides moisture control all in one product. Our closed cell foam core is made from recycled material and is virtually rot proof. While our 99.4% pure aluminium surface reflects 97% of radiant heat.

Low-E is In-door Air Quality tested and approved. It will not ‘off’ gases and with no fibres and no itching it is completely non-toxic. With no multiple layers Low-E is lightweight, easy to cut, handle and install save considerable labour costs. It won’t absorb moisture, delaminate or corrode. Low-E Reflective Insulation is the thinnest most effective reflective insulation on the market with one of the lowest carbon footprints of any insulation material.

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SAMPLE – 15cm x 15cm, 1.25m x 4m (5m2), 1.25m x 12m (15m2), 1.25m x 24m (30m2)


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